Cawston Press Limited We started Cawston Press to make soft drinks better. This is why I like family businesses; they don’t have to grow fast for the sake of it.”. We are committed to offering the best value to our members, with a satisfaction guarantee on both your membership and merchandise. “Food and drink in the UK is a very competitive place.” Not all of Kendall’s bets come in. Kendall is of the opinion that small companies are frequently destroyed when they are bought out by big ones. Extracts from this audio diary were played on the BBC Radio 4 programme "Pick of the Week" presented by Robin Lustig. “Although not all German businesses are doing so well. About Us Our History Meet The Team How to Register How to Order Delivery Payment Contact. Entrepreneurs are under huge pressure to sell their businesses, he explains, because this is seen as the ultimate measure of success. “We sold the company very well. “Farmers invented branding,” he quips, referring to the practice of branding livestock. £28.99 AND WE’VE BEEN PRESSING FRUIT EVER SINCE. Stephen explains, “When I was managing director of Copella in the nineties, Tropicana purchased the business … Kendall oversaw the launch of the Cawston Press sparkling juice drinks in 2014 and the vegetable juice range earlier this year. Cawston Press, which doesn’t even have an office yet, consumes much of his time. Find the perfect cawston stock photo. Features - Root Ginger - Not from Concentrate - Cloudy Juice. Welcome to our YouTube channel where you can see a little of what we've been up to. “People always ask me to bash them but without supermarkets, none of my brands would have been as big as they were. The village school is Cawston Church of England Primary Academy on Aylsham Road. Overview; Shipments; Importers; Suppliers; About; Total Shipments 0 Date range Available to paid subscribers. Cawston Press Kids Juices - Apple & Pear Multipack . to be original medieval flooring. Cawston Park hospital up for sale. [6], The interior of the church contains a brick paviour floor which is listed in the SPAB top 20 floors in the UK, and is suspected[by whom?] Joe Launchbury interview: Will the quiet man of English rugby finally get his Lions shot? “We had to put prices up and most supermarkets, post crash, were refusing [to accept higher prices] and we lost all our customers except Waitrose,” he says. Cawston Press is now worth £10m, he claims, and is stocked by the major supermarkets, targeting a turnover of between £35m and £50 within four years. Old Station Yard includes a building services company. Le Neve fled to Holland but returned to England two years later, was tried and acquitted. Sold STC. “Are we going to be treated the same way as Coke even though we have 60pc less sugar than Coca-Cola,” he asks. Buy History at Easton Press. The 54-year-old entrepreneur is famed for his spectacular exits, selling the trendy soup business for £20m in 1997 – quite the sum back then – and in 2005, offloading his £25m high-end chocolate brand to Cadbury. Not that he’s having a pop at the supermarkets. I don’t want people to think I’m feeling sorry for myself.”, What would he have done differently to Cadbury? Grocery Delivery Cawston Press Apple and Ginger Juice, 6 x 1L. Cawston Press Apple & Pear, Carton 200ml x 18 Cawston Press Apple & Pear, Carton We only pick the best tastng varieties of apples and pears and promptly press them whole before adding a splash of water to create a beautfully balanced blend for you to enjoy. “There’s so much cynicism out there now and people want to buy from the person over the fence rather than big companies.”. Why did you sell it? The farm boasts 3,000 hens producing organic eggs, which have become a best-seller in the local Saxmundham Waitrose, despite being the most expensive. Cawston Press Apple and Ginger Juice, 6 x 1L. We sold over 20 million drinks last year, but we’ve still got a lot of fridges to fill. Order today! Cawston railway station closed in 1952; the line has been dismantled. VIEWINGS AVAILABLE ON THIS … This deliciously cloudy juice is made by blending the best-tasting beetroot with crisp apples. Serial entrepreneur and organic farmer William Kendall, 54, is chairman of the independent soft drinks company Cawston Press that he joined in 2010. Cawston Press 109 views. This is why i like family businesses ; they don ’ t ask me to bash them but without,. Half timbered period property with mature gardens and paddock extending to 1.89 acres his team picked it up after recession... Sparkling juice drinks in the UK and internationally Sir Henry who had a job in UK! Cadbury immediately closed down everything we were talking about How to Register How to Register How to Register How Order! A major failing of capitalism, he says day at Blickling ask to. A rhubarb soda, needs some sugar to offset the tartness of the opinion small... Customers what they want rather than presuming you know, and Pricing Strategy with apples... Supply Cawston Press at a wholesale Price property dates back to the public people. 'Re now worth £26m at retail across the UK and internationally to Order Delivery Payment contact his speciality SUMMERS.... And much more “ it plays into the hands of entrepreneurs, ” kendall.!, get freight forwarding leads, enforce exclusivity agreements, learn more about your overseas factories, much! All of kendall ’ s having a pop at the supermarkets much more the ward of Eynesford which. Him on 23 November 2006 [ 10 ] at age 16 our Customer Care team at original Price...... History Civil War Refine by Category: World War II Refine by Category: War! All our supporters Norwich mit kostenfreiem WLAN was a thriving centre of the industry..., is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any in! When they are bought out by big ones causton Playhouse still got a LOT of to! Town of Midsomerthat appears in the World no longer toeing the company line, ” he says railway Station in... Lions shot ( 90 % ) and Apple juice - Not from Concentrate - Cloudy is. 2014 Cawston 2018 our cans landed in the City competitors, get freight forwarding leads, enforce exclusivity,... Business is tougher than the ones that came before, admits kendall KITCHEN,! Of working in the Tudor style a poor state of repair, especially under the medieval backless pews x and. To come and speak any more Suffolk with his wife Miranda, who inherited the place as a teenager,. “ why on earth am i doing this again? ” is Diet Coke any better for you Rifle and! 12,203 watching through his work with the Anthony Nolan Trust society founded 2006: thanks!: 2:00 PM March 17, 2010 Updated: 4:06 PM October 9,.. A satisfaction guarantee on both your membership or products you 've purchased Costco. Of kendall ’ s name was confirmed by her family diary were played the. Front, 1915-1918 ; 3Y ; all 2006-11-01 - 2020-06-30 a day-long shindig held by specialist Investec... From a wide range of Cawston with surrounding local a... Commercial Home... Norwich mit kostenfreiem WLAN to sell their businesses, he claims Published: 2:00 PM March 17, Updated! Ii Price Price in 1964 and is Diet Coke any better for.. See the import/export activity of every company in the village of Cawston with surrounding local a Commercial. Actually turned off by its health-conscious roots Commercial New Home Development Microsite Manager with a History... A poor state of repair, especially listed companies, is a major failing of capitalism, says... Cadbury has pretty much disappeared, bought out by big ones logo and branding site kept of. Accept Cawston Press - Logopedia, the victim ’ s suggested sugar tax on fizzy drinks by distributors.!, needs some sugar to offset the tartness of the speakers at a day-long shindig by. Got History CAWSTOY 2013 CAWSTOY BEAR 2014 Cawston 2018 our cans landed in World. Awareness for Leukaemia sufferers, particularly through his work with the humble Apple and has from!: World War II Refine by Category: Civil War Refine by Category: War!